Word from the Founder

Azeezat OSS (Zazee)

Founder and Executive Creative Director (ECD)

Crafters are creative doers, dreamers, dream-chasers and high achievers. These are one of the special group of people needed to grow any nation’s economy across and beyond the country. They are often called artisans but I choose to see beyond the undue limitations that comes with the title, hence the term; Crafters.

Personally, I ventured into crafts with so much passion, dreams and excitement and it has been a tremendous eye-opener for me, like a new frontier with endless possibilities. I’ve learnt about the common needs shared by people alongside the rich and creative ways to meet those needs through the inherent creative skills of these special group of people if well developed and nurtured . Nigeria is blessed with amazing Crafters who are highly gifted in differently beautiful crafts like paper crafting, wood crafting, stone masonry, fashion illustration, metal crafting, food art, fruit carving, fruit styling, crocheting, quilting, quilling, glass crafting, flower Crafting, batik, aso-oke weaving, nail artistry, fingernail painting, just to mention a very few.

Interestingly, my current travels across the country for research unveiled a whole lot of dimension and perspectives to crafts and I’m convinced that exploring the world of crafts would do a whole lot to increase the sustainable entrepreneurship drive in the country.

By creating a huge buzz and progress for the numerous kinds of crafts the country is blessed with, crafters are inspired to do more, more talents are inspired leading to increase in patronage of homemade products, development of the industry and a clearer structured path to culture tourism opportunities. In the long term, the economy of the country flourishes richly.

Some of the events/activities we do and planning towards achieving our vision include: Crafts party, The Crafters’ Conference, Crafts TV Show, Crafts Tourism, Crafts online, Crafts Journalism, Crafts Magazine, Crafts News Weekly, Craftpreneurs Reality Television Show, and others still in the dream pipeline. At the moment, we believe in taking tiny calculated steps towards a Craft Dedicated Channel (online and on cable).

‘The Crafters and their Crafts (TCC Craftszine)

My experience in the media; prints, radio and television sustains my confidence that Crafters have been long deprived of their most deserving media mentions. Hence, I see and respect the need to engage a team to create and sustain every possible medium for Crafts. I’ve come across amazing crafters, such intelligent creative doers that deserve to be on cover pages of magazines making headline news, getting media support for their crafts projects that will in large returns be their own economic contributive efforts towards building the nation.

The mission here is simple, celebrating crafters as the celebrities that they truly are. They are the confident set of beings who are boldly exploring their inherent creative skills to create solutions to apparent problems encountered within/beyond their communities.

As a media personality with the vision to support creative doers (Craftpreneurs). My belief is fuelled by my passion that drives the mission to build a team of change agents who would see, promote and appreciate crafts differently, sustainably and progressively. My optimism knows no bounds about the wealth of creativity every human being is blessed with, the awesome power buried in the spirit of collaborations and the ripple effects of a success story in the hearts of people who share the same vision.

I see our crafts magazine (The Crafters and their Crafts) contributing largely to the efforts at changing the narrative. I see the stories of crafters shared and well spread; I see crafters recognised and well celebrated. I see their stories inspiring many more crafters to do more. I see their stories convincing investors and igniting confidence for entrepreneurship drives. I see their stories leading minds unto job creations above the need to search for jobs.

The Dream, the Desire, the Direction, the Destination –these are the 4Dimensions of the TCC Craft Projects –

The dream is to pioneer immense visibility, contributions, and progress, especially in the media, for the crafts industry in Africa.

To create media platforms, both offline and online where various kinds of crafts are explored and shown. And the amazing crafters (and craft promoters) are given adequate recognitions.

On these platforms, the shows: the Crafts Party, the Craft Courses, the Radio Show (CraftStar of the week/month) The Crafters Conference, the research, the magazine; online community, television show, tourism, Crafts Journalism. …are all geared towards bringing to limelight the rich roles played by the uncelebrated/under celebrated crafters in Africa as they are huge promoters and contributors to the development of their culture, country and continent as a whole.

I am glad to share this with you. I’m grateful for the terrific team members, partners and volunteers since inception. It’ll be pleasing to see you on board as well. So far, we are here … …www.thecraftersconnect.net

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