Ogunbekun Olaitan; The Founder of Crafts Village, Nigeria

My name is Ogunbekun Olaitan, I’m the founder of Crafts Village Nigeria. An online community that promotes and connects creative arts, crafts and other Afrocentric businesses in Nigeria to their target customers. Crafts Village was founded in April 2014. It is an online platform that helps consumers connect easily with their favorite Art & CraftContinue reading “Ogunbekun Olaitan; The Founder of Crafts Village, Nigeria”


In a country where the originality of crafts is going into extinction, it is imperative to ask some questions and look back on how the values of our culture are being abandoned. However, looking at years back which I’m sure the children born in the 90s will attest to; that local craft was a thingContinue reading “CRAFT; THE FORGOTTEN ONE”

Introducing; The Crafters and their Crafts – a Craftzine

This is to introduce the world of Crafters/Craftprenuers to you at your fingertips You’ll be taken through the world of creative doers, change makers and legendary entrepreneurs They’ve been long under-rated, un-celebrated and/under-celebrated We will explore their world wherever they are in Nigeria/Africa and across the globe We will celebrate them by sharing their profileContinue reading “Introducing; The Crafters and their Crafts – a Craftzine”