Ogoh Blessing Onyowoicho

My name is Ogoh Blessing Onyowoicho. I hold a degree in Physiology from University of Ilorin. I’m a polymer clay artist. I make accessories (keychains, bracelets, bookmarks) and 3D customized mugs. My Craft business commenced in 2017. I make really unique accessories and mugs that can be gifted to loved ones or used as souvenirsContinue reading “Ogoh Blessing Onyowoicho”

Oluseyi Abdullahi; The Multi-skilled Founder of Crafties

Quick Facts Name: Mrs. Oluseyi Afolake Abdullahi Birthday: She’s born on July 10, close to 60 years and with a wealth of crafting skills. A serial Craftpreneur. Education: BSc Business Administration, several workshops and courses in different crafts; training by Swarovski and working silver smith Craft Business: CEO/Founder, Crafties, General Craft Materials, tools and BooksContinue reading “Oluseyi Abdullahi; The Multi-skilled Founder of Crafties”

Bukky MacCathy

My name is Bukky MarCathy. Where do I start from?! I remember as a very young child, I watched one of my aunties when she crocheted (that is, every time she picked her hook I was by her side). That was how I picked up crocheting. OK! let me mention, that I grew up atContinue reading “Bukky MacCathy”

Jumoke Dada

My name is Jumoke Dada, an Architect-turned-furniture maker. The Founder and Creative Director of Tǽillo Furniture and Lifestyle Company. I’m a graduate with a first class in Architecture from the prestigious University of Lagos, (Unilag) Nigeria. I hold a Master’s Degree in Environmental Design. Crafts has always been a part of me. My dad onceContinue reading “Jumoke Dada”

Ogunbekun Olaitan; The Founder of Crafts Village, Nigeria

My name is Ogunbekun Olaitan, I’m the founder of Crafts Village Nigeria. An online community that promotes and connects creative arts, crafts and other Afrocentric businesses in Nigeria to their target customers. Crafts Village was founded in April 2014. It is an online platform that helps consumers connect easily with their favorite Art & CraftContinue reading “Ogunbekun Olaitan; The Founder of Crafts Village, Nigeria”

Ayo Fanimokun ; A CraftStar Extraordinaire!

In one word, characterise your life as an entrepreneur. Colourful What aspect of the crafting process makes you happy the most? Seeing an idea I had in my head come to life in my hands What’s your vision: for self, the circle of your choice of craft business, and the country? How far are youContinue reading “Ayo Fanimokun ; A CraftStar Extraordinaire!”

Jonah Larson; The 11-year old Crochet Prodigy!

I’ve a very busy mind that’s always active and crocheting helps me to focus; conquering the discipline issues I had at school. How? When my hands are busy, I focus better. My name is Jonah, I’m a self-taught crocheter, a fast crocheter who can crochet a hat in 54 minutes! Everyone now calls me aContinue reading “Jonah Larson; The 11-year old Crochet Prodigy!”

Prof. Peju Layiwola’s INDIGO Reimagined was a huge Success!

The solo exhibition organised by Peju Layiwola was a huge success with – interesting works of arts on display. According to her, Indigo Reimagined is inspired by the art of Adire which evolved from an ancient of dyeing yarns made from hand-spun cotton usually woven into prestige cloth known as Asooke. The exhibition which heldContinue reading “Prof. Peju Layiwola’s INDIGO Reimagined was a huge Success!”