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Crafters! Set out being intentional

The economy has not been particularly favourable for businesses in recent times. A lot of people complain about not being paid for their work or outrightly having no customers. For most crafters, that can be a huge problem, especially when your craft is viewed as a luxury, not a necessity. Here are 3 things you can do to improve your cash flow.EVENTS: You need to create more avenues for the right kind of people to see your work. Where there’s a crowd, there will be commerce. Find creative ways to show up at exhibitions, marathons, parties and religious programs. Volunteer/sign up as a sponsor to adorn the stage, the compere, your choir/ushering unit, the backdrop, a bus or children’s church classroom with your art. This will definitely get more word around about what you do.

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF: In ailing economies, unemployment drives many people to businesses with a low barrier to entry. Many craft businesses are that way. If you are a makeup artiste, baker, paper crafter or hat maker, you can attest to that. When there are too many people in a market, the product or service will be commonised. You can differentiate yourself based on customer experience, discounts on purchases, creative product packages, promos and more.
For instance, a makeup artiste could start a video series “Market Makeover” where she shares tips and tricks to improve day time makeup, the places to get the best buys on cosmetics in the market and surprises women in the market with free makeovers for their next ‘owambe’. That way, she creatively stands out from the hundreds of thousands of ‘me-too’ make- up artistes out there.

PARTNERSHIPS: Two are better than one for they have a good reward for their labour. Partnership is a key to multiplication. Find businesses with shared interests like similar target markets or complementary goods and partner to run a promo; improve your value offering or to carry out projects on which you can both leverage your databases and networks.

To your success!

Caroline Oluwafunmilayo Adubi

My name is Adubi Caroline Oluwafunmilayo. I have a B.sc in Banking and Finance from Ekiti State University. I am the Founder and Creative Lead at Rolyne designs. It’s a Craft hub for everything related to Paper Crafts and more

I make paper flowers suitable for both interiors and events; customise party props used to style event venues and it has been an interesting journey for me. I tend to pour out my creativity in building these images from scratch. I also make 3D letters and numbers, booth frames suitable for both interior and exterior decors (event venues, offices and homes) and all these in turn can be used as decoration pieces (ornaments for long term purposes.

My services include trainings especially for youths who are trying to discover their creative muse and/or inherent skills. I’m very of myself to have successfully trained over 60 craft enthusiasts in Nigeria. I look forward to more trainings and many more Paper Crafts Entrepreneurs.

I have always been an Art/Craft lover. My passion started developing well before my primary school days however I didn’t pay much attention until a year after Youth Service (which is obviously after my University education). I’m proudly self trained mostly because I’m highly inquisitive and concerns about my field give me the nonstop burner to deliver my best on any contract I get.

I’m a full time Crafter/Craftpreneur and very proud of it just as I smile to the bank regularly too. I opened an online craft store recently.

Instagram @rolynedesigns1
Facebook page rolyne designs

Peace Nwafor

My name is Peace Nwafor, I’m a Fashionpreneur.

A graduate of Business Administration from Yaba College of Technology. I started fashion business in the year 2014.

To me, fashion was my passion and I was determined to get something productive out of it.

NVP Fashion World was born out of passion, creativity and skill, the business is about proving the value of “made in Nigeria” goods.

At NVP FASHION WORLD, we design and make lovely fashion items such as Bags, Dresses , AccessorieswLeather, Lace, etc.

Our designs are unique, and stylish. We focus on bringing to life designs we believe will suit the satisfaction of our customers.

It’s been a terrific journey, with lots of challenges but our joy is that we’re growing each year, improving in our craft, paving way for others to see the beauty of handmade goods and also making Nigeria proud.