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Oyetunde Israel Ayokunmi

My name is Oyetunde Israel Ayokunmi. I hold a BSc in Water Resources Management (Hydrology) from Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta; FUNAAB and an MSc in Hydrology from University of Lagos; UNILAG

I’m the Founder of @icreatedesigns born out of a passion which is traceable to my great love for Arts since 1999 during my primary school days. Mine is a long story of peculiar inspiration and motivation. I draw and/or print on cloths, banners, etc. Way back, I usually use stencils to print names on fabric. I remember I was in Primary four when I was exposed to the Basic Techniques of “adire”. It was during tie and dye classes, I knew something was ignited in me. However, for so many reasons (sprouting from excuses of my tender age and need for academic pursuits), I held unto these passion of mine until my 4th Year in University when I started expressing my art through making of Greeting cards and wall art for sale.

I later got my second Adire training in my final year and then on YouTube and finally (in 2017) at Itoku, Abeokuta Ogun state- the historical home of Adire business. After these, the journey of I Creative Designs began.

I’ve also sharpened my skills in painting, card making. Wall arts (Paper Work)

Instagram: @icreativedesigns
WhatsApp: 08168622786
Twitter: @icreativeadire

Designing and production of adire

Anthonia Uchechukwu Igbukolu

My name is Anthonia Uchechukwu Igbukolu, a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Madonna University. I’m the founder and creative director of Thoche Enterprises where we design and create 100% handmade bags and accessories with African print 

Services rendered  includes :

🔸 Training , both online and offline 

🔸 We design and create 

▪️ Handmade bags – Party bags , school bags , laptop bags , mini sized bags for kids , medium and large sized bags , purses 

▪️ Accessories such as  headbands ( we’ve got 3 different designs ), scrunchies , Ankara wrapped notepads , Ankara wrapped earrings ,Ankara wrapped bangles , fancy earrings made with Ankara ,satin lined bonnets ,throw pillows, Ankara-covered picture frames

I learnt to make bags in 2015 at a 2 weeks skill acquisition training organized by my church and it was love at first sight. I was given basic bag making training within that 2 weeks period 

I finally got tired of sending out CV’s in January 2018 and decided to start making bags . Thoche Enterprises officially started in May, 2018 and between then and now, I’ve enrolled in many classes to expand my knowledge, I taught myself to use the sewing machine (not an expert yet though 🙈) and added accessories to my skill set.

Aside making bags and accessories, I also sell African prints. I can be reached on +234 708 708 8723 

Facebook : Thoche 

Instagram / Twitter : @_thoche 

At Thoche Enterprises , we pride ourselves on putting clients first. Every item created is based on the client’s specifications ranging from bag design to fabric choice and accessory choice as well.

We currently only make items ( bags and accessories ) on pre-order and we also have mouth-watering WHOLESALE PACKAGES for those interested in going into the Afrocentric fashion industry.

Subomi Okhueleigbe

I am Olasubomi Okhueleigbe; the creative Director of Elesho Jewelry.

At Elesho jewelry, we create handcrafted luxury jewelry pieces as you like it. All our pieces are are made from scratch here in Nigeria. The journey so far here – @eleshojewelry and @eleshofinejewelry .

I am grateful to God for life. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for growth. I am grateful for the strength to work hard. I am grateful for the mind to create. These and many more, I’m grateful to God.

Divine Okafor

My name is Okafor Divine. I studied Travel and Tourism Management at Universal School of Aviation where I had my Advanced Diploma.

I’ve been crotcheting since I was 8 years, though not seriously then, until last year (2018). I once had an accident because I was crotcheting on the road while coming back from school 😉. My parents seized my materials. After graduation from the Aviation school, I started crotcheting for fun, each time I come online I see suggestions for crotcheting and different designs. I imitate what i see and share on Facebook and Instagram just for fun. The feedback of lcompliments and people’s request/demand for these items pushed me for a much focus on the craft. And that’s how I’ve kept growimg on it. I conduct research on Google and YouTube to check on latest

I am the founder of RaftsCrafts .

It all started firmly when I made a muffler for someone who paid me 2000 naira, I was overwhelmed and especially with much more encouragement from friends who motivate me. If not for them I wouldn’t have deeply discovered to utilise what I have. Interestingly, I didn’t actually train under anyone. I started crotcheting just like a little child plays – mine was to play with wool; making bag and a single chain.

Now, as a Crotcehetpreneur, I make beautiful things with wool. Creating items such as rug, crotcheted wears, etc. I’m so experienced and competent now that I train others as well. I have both online and offline classes and I’ve trained more than 600 people for free because of my desire to help better the society by increasing the number of creatives/Crocheter and I’m glad some of them are doing well today while some just took part for the fun of it.

Aside this business, I wish to start a dry cleaning business but of course does not in any way underrate the fact that I’m very happy about my current Craft Business – Crocheting.

You can connect with me on all the social media
Instagram: RaftsCrafts
Facebook page: RaftsCrafts
Facebook personal profile: Okafor Divine
Telegram: RaftsCrafts
Twitter and LinkedIn: Okafor Divine

For further informations email okafordivine316@gmail.com.


Crafters! Set out being intentional

The economy has not been particularly favourable for businesses in recent times. A lot of people complain about not being paid for their work or outrightly having no customers. For most crafters, that can be a huge problem, especially when your craft is viewed as a luxury, not a necessity. Here are 3 things you can do to improve your cash flow.EVENTS: You need to create more avenues for the right kind of people to see your work. Where there’s a crowd, there will be commerce. Find creative ways to show up at exhibitions, marathons, parties and religious programs. Volunteer/sign up as a sponsor to adorn the stage, the compere, your choir/ushering unit, the backdrop, a bus or children’s church classroom with your art. This will definitely get more word around about what you do.

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF: In ailing economies, unemployment drives many people to businesses with a low barrier to entry. Many craft businesses are that way. If you are a makeup artiste, baker, paper crafter or hat maker, you can attest to that. When there are too many people in a market, the product or service will be commonised. You can differentiate yourself based on customer experience, discounts on purchases, creative product packages, promos and more.
For instance, a makeup artiste could start a video series “Market Makeover” where she shares tips and tricks to improve day time makeup, the places to get the best buys on cosmetics in the market and surprises women in the market with free makeovers for their next ‘owambe’. That way, she creatively stands out from the hundreds of thousands of ‘me-too’ make- up artistes out there.

PARTNERSHIPS: Two are better than one for they have a good reward for their labour. Partnership is a key to multiplication. Find businesses with shared interests like similar target markets or complementary goods and partner to run a promo; improve your value offering or to carry out projects on which you can both leverage your databases and networks.

To your success!


I saw very young ‘okada riders’ and kiosk owners wildly celebrating Sai Baba’s win. And I thought ‘Isn’t this too much?’

They zoomed ‘upandan’ the streets, performing all sorts of acrobatics on their bikes and congratulating one another. I worried that some of them could get injured or die in the process. Nothing physical or spiritual warrants this kind of celebration.

Hian! I asked one of them, “Dis one wey una dey celebrate like dis, Atiku no be your broda?”

He smiled, flashing yellow teeth at me.”Atiku na my broda, but Atiku na tif.”

Wow! So, that is Atiku’s reputation even among the seemingly uneducated who we think may not follow politics.

Two lessons.

  1. Guard your reputation with everything you have got: Obasanjo’s singular statement about Atiku being a thief years ago, still plays a strong card against him though he has never been convicted of any such crime.

When you see people try to make mincemeat of your reputation address it with all you’ve got. Atiku never addressed the issue immediately when the allegation was made. Years later, people still buy that story.

  1. Learn to control your brand’s story: Your perception is your reality. Your reputation is your brand. Your consistent actions and material you put out there have built you a brand. Consciously or not. Someone may call you a politician because you are always discussing politics. While you laugh at it like a passing joke, it is a subtle feedback of your personal brand.

Own your story. Your reputation is your brand.


Everybody loves a good story. The good news is that you have a story to tell.

Humans have been telling stories for more than 400,000 years. I am a story teller and I assure you that your business has a story waiting to be heard.

Storytelling is how you sell your business idea and get it to spread.

It is how you persuade people to buy from you.

It is how you show the human and personal angle of your business.

In the next series, I’ll share a few tips on how to tell your brand’s story.

All the best Crafters!

Oluwabukola Gbemisola Obazenu

My name is Oluwabukola Obazenu, I’m the founder of Bukky Small Beginnings, a handcraft (hair accessories) venture. I describe my kind of crafts as Fabric Craft; making flower corsages and brouches.

I’ve always been good at making things even if I’d need to look through the waste bins to pick up discarded items and transform them for use again.

I once picked up a discarded broken lamp (round wire frame) at a dump site. I washed it and stared at it everyday, for days, seeking inspiration, and I did transform it with new fabric that it got my husband asking if I bought a new lamp for the nursery. Didn’t mention, this particular dust bin run was during my first pregnancy.

I’m lawyer by training (qualified and competent) I once worked at a law firm, then, at a call center agency. Then, I quitted.

My departure was indirectly directed by a handful of very close family and friends who wanted (AND PAID) me to add colours to the interior decors of their houses and/or offices. You see, the monetary appreciation of my crafts were worth quitting those jobs for.

And then, something happened. The loss of my child. Depression set in, suicidal thoughts too. I was enveloped in strong feelings of failure. The loss of me. My confidence level became very low. I crawled into my shell and stayed there. Huge thanks to my husband and family members who showered their love, care and belief in me on me. They didn’t (and still don’t) give up on me. Even when I wasn’t as happy as everyone thought I was, the love around me simply keeps me around and up.

This online space has also played a huge role for me. Owning a tablet and constant access to data subscriptions keeps me unto sites like, Google, pinterest, youtube etc. Those were it for me!!! My head was almost exploding with fresh ideas, with so many beautiful things I can create with my hands. And because I love hair accessories, I got really hooked on that. Betty my friend became my unemployed (but super effective and inspiring) marketing manager.

In a couple of days, I transformed the BQ into my Craft room, did a few online shopping. Bukky Small Beginnings was born and the growth since then has been increasingly awesone.


My super model. Here, my daughter flaunts the very first hair accessory I made.
I’ll have this picture for keeps.