Nuggets for Crafters By Nneka

Productivity is the challenge of many. That’s why there aren’t many successful people. Busy does not equate results.

So, here’s how you can live and work to get results.

1. In the words of Simon Sinek, start with ‘Why?’ What is your big reason for your task, project or decision? It will help you streamline your efforts and resources to match your mission. This will make you effective.

2. Have a goal for what you do. What exact result do you want to achieve? Know it and keep it in view.

3. Have a plan to achieve it within a set timeline, and with milestones. This will make you efficient.

4. Evaluate and review. This is the crux of the matter. How will you measure progress? What is not measured is not managed and what you don’t manage, you lose.

Don’t let failure and frustration make you realize that you are unproductive. Utilize these tips to ensure that you are. Have a productive week.

Nneka Susan Okonkwo
Writer/Productivity coach