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Leather and Crafts

Hello Craft Lovers! Welcome to today’s blogpost. Today, I will be writing on Leather Craft. Before I go into writing about leathercraft proper, it is important I write on what leather is.

What is Leather?
Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skins. Leather is used to make clothing, footwear, book covers and wall hangings. It can also be used to create beautiful upholstering vehicles and furniture, and for making warrior and hunter bags, weapons, knife sheaths and canteens.

What is Leathercraft?
Leathercraft is the practice of making items from leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques or both. Leather crafting involves the transformation of leather materials into a work of art. As with many crafts, there are a number of steps from the raw material – in this case a piece of leather – to a finished item.

Leather craft involves designing, cutting, and then, depending on the project, hole punching, sewing, and finishing. Additional steps could be decorating, carving and dyeing.

Different methods are used to create designs like stamping, dyeing and painting it. To stamp the leather, striking tools and dampening of the leather are required. Leather dyeing is done by applying pigments that seep into the pores of the material. Painting leather differs from dyeing.

Forms of Leather craft

Leather can be beautifully crafted into bags

Leather can be beautifully crafted into upholstery

Leathers can be beautifully crafted into shoes

Leather can be beautifully crafted into Earrings

Leather can be beautifully crafted into Wallets

Just like every form of craft, leathercraft is a skill that requires creativity and innovation. I hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost. Do well to drop a comment. Keep crafting and stay inspired.



WHY YOU SHOULD CRAFT: Benefits of Crafts.

Welcome back readers!
Today, we will be talking about the benefits of crafts. If you are into the craft industry, this post will gear you up to keep up the good work; and if you are a still considering going into the craft industry, this post will give you reason why you should be a venture into crafts. Without any further ado, here are Six benefits why crafts are beneficial to you and the society at large:

1. Craft Promotes Innovation and Creativity:
Crafts provide a platform for an individual to create and bring new things into reality. It helps an individual to think differently and come up with new innovations that are useful to the society. With crafts, an individual is more resourceful and versatile. Crafts foster mental growth and provide opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving.

2. Craft Encourage Self Expression and Boost Self Esteem:
Craft is a great way that enables one to express oneself. It allows freedom of expression and the positive energy channelized into it gives a sense of achievement which in turn boosts an individual self esteem. Seeing the finished work of a creative venture makes one feel better, satisfied, calmer, and happier.

Image Credit: Pinterest

3. Crafts Teach Flexibility:
Crafts enable one to think in more than one way, which enhances flexibility. Crafts teach an individual that they can achieve the same result through a different method. This in turn can help in real life where one continuously faces situations with multiple possibilities. The benefits of crafts extend to all spheres of the life and make one better equipped to face the challenges life throws.

Image Credit: Canva

4. Crafts Improves Brain and Motor Skills:
Crafting promotes mental agility and stimulates ones brain to coordinate thinking with ones hand, thus training fine motor skills. Most crafts project involves moving the hands and fingers; these movements involve fine motor skills and improve the overall muscle strength. Thus, crafts help an individual in the improvement of coordination and the precision of the hands.

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5. Crafts Improves Empathy and Social Interaction:
Crafts have the ability to help one change the way one think and feel -which helps an individual become more tolerant of other people and show empathy. Crafts also give crafters the opportunity to interact, socialize and build friendship.

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6. Crafting serves as a rich source of income: For some people making crafts could be a hobby. It can be a form of relaxation, or a way to provide handmade gifts to family and friends. But some people make supplementary income by selling crafts, or even do it as a full-time job.
With persistence and embrace of uniqueness in creations they can teach about craft through online or offline courses. And one can also make income by exhibiting the crafts and putting them for sale for others to enjoy, while at the same time getting some cash in return.

Image Credit: Canva

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Ogoh Blessing Onyowoicho

My name is Ogoh Blessing Onyowoicho. I hold a degree in Physiology from University of Ilorin.

I’m a polymer clay artist. I make accessories (keychains, bracelets, bookmarks) and 3D customized mugs. My Craft business commenced in 2017.

I make really unique accessories and mugs that can be gifted to loved ones or used as souvenirs for occasions. At the moment, I haven’t done any training but plans are in place to make this possible. And interestingly, I’m a self taught artist.

Apart from polymer clay sculpting, I draw. I hope to get better at drawing and learn animation too.

Twitter : @bl_airee
Instagram @blaires.crafts

Starting my craft about two years ago had been awesome experiences of expressions. For me my art has been my safe place because it’s where I can express myself without the fear or being judged or criticised. I’m better at my craft than I was when I started but there’s still so much to achieve with it. I hope I get better opportunities and more people get to know about what I do.


I saw very young ‘okada riders’ and kiosk owners wildly celebrating Sai Baba’s win. And I thought ‘Isn’t this too much?’

They zoomed ‘upandan’ the streets, performing all sorts of acrobatics on their bikes and congratulating one another. I worried that some of them could get injured or die in the process. Nothing physical or spiritual warrants this kind of celebration.

Hian! I asked one of them, “Dis one wey una dey celebrate like dis, Atiku no be your broda?”

He smiled, flashing yellow teeth at me.”Atiku na my broda, but Atiku na tif.”

Wow! So, that is Atiku’s reputation even among the seemingly uneducated who we think may not follow politics.

Two lessons.

  1. Guard your reputation with everything you have got: Obasanjo’s singular statement about Atiku being a thief years ago, still plays a strong card against him though he has never been convicted of any such crime.

When you see people try to make mincemeat of your reputation address it with all you’ve got. Atiku never addressed the issue immediately when the allegation was made. Years later, people still buy that story.

  1. Learn to control your brand’s story: Your perception is your reality. Your reputation is your brand. Your consistent actions and material you put out there have built you a brand. Consciously or not. Someone may call you a politician because you are always discussing politics. While you laugh at it like a passing joke, it is a subtle feedback of your personal brand.

Own your story. Your reputation is your brand.

Keep Records

Keeping proper records is essential to the survival of the business, from the earliest days and not on scraps of paper or different notebooks but organised detailed records.

Though it appears a tedium, the alternative is much more trouble.