Re-introducing Master Art Classes by Prof. Peju Layiwola


Masterartclasses is a platform for teaching courses that celebrate the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Africa with a particular interest in Nigeria.

These courses are suitable for the young and the old. These courses cater to college students, students in the African diaspora, people interested in history, indigenous African cultures and knowledge systems, as well as others interested in making art. The courses cover a broad range of topics from Benin bronze casting, Adire making, tie-dye, stitch and dye, silk painting, Brasscasting, repousse, jewellery making, and a host of other arts and crafts.


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The Crafters and their Crafts

All about Crafts:
- To explore, celebrate, promote and inspire.
-- The Crafters - Creative Doers!
-- Their Crafts - Products for sale.
- Their stories motivate us.
Craft Events - Live Experiences inspire us!
Pro-Craft/Craft Journalism.

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