Mabel Oluwatoyin George (Àpótí Lagos)


Let’s meet Mabel, the pretty brain behind Àpótí Lagos :

I’m Mabel Oluwatoyin George, Founder of Àpótí Lagos and Co-Founder of Designs City Limited.

My journey into Furniture and Interior Space Design was an act of providence. I started off as an Admin Personnel in 2004 at The Peach Company, an Italian Furniture Firm. My then boss, Mrs Derin Oke-Ismail, noticed my love and passion for furniture so she changed my role. She was my Guardian Angel.

I had another great time at Lindsay as Projects & Business Development Manager with my boss, Mrs Natalie Okoya. This was where I had a wide exposure, working with Commercial and State Government Projects for offices and estates. What a time!

I co-founded Designs City Limited with Mr. Kunle George after spending 6 years acquiring the necessary skills and expertise with lots of trainings alongside. Trust me when I say lots! From free trainings to those I paid heavily for. From Lagos Island Vocational Education Institute, Furniture Production Factory visits at Aframero Limited and Klusters Limited…

…It’s a long list.


Àpótí Lagos started as an idea in 2017. Why can’t we have African Themed Furniture? Àpótí Lagos is a collection of Made-In-Nigeria Furniture, Ethnic Pieces and complementing Accessories made to give Ergonomic solutions and comfort. Àpótí means stool in Yorùbá language.

We desire that our products not only give comfort but also functionality as well as promote Ethinc Culture. Every African or non-African home deserve to own our products.

We have since worked with a lot of multinationals, companies, Government agencies and individuals who have trusted us to bring our Magic to them. Our passion still remains transforming Interior Spaces which has aided our success story.


Kudos sis. We wish you the very best in all your endeavours. Keep soaring , we are cheering you on.


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