Ojo Ifedayo

My name is Ojo Ifedayo. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Ajayi Crowther University. I’m the founder of Dyce Parties.

I have always loved to be creative with everything I do, combined with my natural love for kids, I find rich motivation and fulfillment for making decor and props for children’s party.

I trained at @pecevents for balloon decoration and @floralsbybisi for paper flowers. Making 3D props had been natural to me however I had it perfected via @themagiquezone and @seashells_creative

Aside all I do on Instagram. I am a philanthropist to the core; in my own little way for now. I’m looking forward to God’s expansion and Grace for the capacity to touch many more lives.

Though we have had it so challenging as we have to invest alot. There are no kids party rental companies in our environ. Clients are not always willing to pay as they haven’t really known the value of giving their kids memorable birthday party. But gradually we are growing and definitely we’ll get there

My kind of Craft is woven around planning events; Children’s party and props creator/stylist.

My services include trainings, kids party decor, production of party and photo props , balloon decor, etc.

Instagram – @dyceparties @dyce_propsballoons
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/dyceparties


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