Divine Okafor

My name is Okafor Divine. I studied Travel and Tourism Management at Universal School of Aviation where I had my Advanced Diploma.

I’ve been crotcheting since I was 8 years, though not seriously then, until last year (2018). I once had an accident because I was crotcheting on the road while coming back from school πŸ˜‰. My parents seized my materials. After graduation from the Aviation school, I started crotcheting for fun, each time I come online I see suggestions for crotcheting and different designs. I imitate what i see and share on Facebook and Instagram just for fun. The feedback of lcompliments and people’s request/demand for these items pushed me for a much focus on the craft. And that’s how I’ve kept growimg on it. I conduct research on Google and YouTube to check on latest

I am the founder of RaftsCrafts .

It all started firmly when I made a muffler for someone who paid me 2000 naira, I was overwhelmed and especially with much more encouragement from friends who motivate me. If not for them I wouldn’t have deeply discovered to utilise what I have. Interestingly, I didn’t actually train under anyone. I started crotcheting just like a little child plays – mine was to play with wool; making bag and a single chain.

Now, as a Crotcehetpreneur, I make beautiful things with wool. Creating items such as rug, crotcheted wears, etc. I’m so experienced and competent now that I train others as well. I have both online and offline classes and I’ve trained more than 600 people for free because of my desire to help better the society by increasing the number of creatives/Crocheter and I’m glad some of them are doing well today while some just took part for the fun of it.

Aside this business, I wish to start a dry cleaning business but of course does not in any way underrate the fact that I’m very happy about my current Craft Business – Crocheting.

You can connect with me on all the social media
Instagram: RaftsCrafts
Facebook page: RaftsCrafts
Facebook personal profile: Okafor Divine
Telegram: RaftsCrafts
Twitter and LinkedIn: Okafor Divine

For further informations email okafordivine316@gmail.com.

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