Connect with other Creatives!

Going it solo as a business person can sometimes get to you. Everything rests on you – production, marketing, delivery and customer relationship management.

Some days things don’t go right and you don’t feel like going on. Here are a few things you can do to make your entrepreneurship journey easier:Listen to motivational speakers and business people before you start your day. This will inspire you with ideas and energy to push to the next level. I listen to Jim Rohn and Patrick Bet-David. YouTube is a great resource.

Leverage the average of 5. Since you are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with, be intentional about connecting with people who have gone ahead of you in your field and hang out with them, read their books and seek them out as mentors. They will shorten your learning curve.

Connect with God. My Christian faith starts my day and helps me surmount obstacles. Even nature reminds you with the sunshine and the thunderstorms that there is someone bigger than us who orders the earth. When the obstacles seem to be beyond you and you have done your best, it will help you to know that there is someone beyond it. As our people say ‘las las.. you go dey alright’.

All the best Crafters!

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The Crafters and their Crafts

All about Crafts:
- To explore, celebrate, promote and inspire.
-- The Crafters - Creative Doers!
-- Their Crafts - Products for sale.
- Their stories motivate us.
Craft Events - Live Experiences inspire us!
Pro-Craft/Craft Journalism.

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