Chubuike Victor Onyesoro

My name is Chibuike Victor Onyesoro.
I’m a Pencil Artist, with high hopes and hard work on doing some other things later. I discovered my passion for drawing since I was a very little child, say like age 6.

I’m an undergraduate studying Visual Arts at the University of Lagos.

Intentionally, I draw almost on a daily basis. It’d been what I love doing when I’m bored but now I draw always and I’m loving the visibility and motivation that comes.

I’m self-taught.
Aside visual arts, My eyes are on the movie space. Watch out for me fam!

Instagram, Twitter, Page @chubbyidealarts.

My work and the Story behind it:

I give all Thanks to Almighty God for his love and Abundant Grace on me in the year 2018. 2018 was like a new level, I met and worked with some top personalities which I least expected I could work with. This artwork a portrait of a girl, is so special to me and my most cherished Artwork for the year 2018, because it was commissioned by a physically challenged person(A Blind Man). A guy I least expected, a guy that hasn’t seen my artworks, and can’t even see my artworks. But have heard so much about me and my artworks.
So he needed to surprise a girl very special to him with her portrait, then he requested I draw her, It’s so touching and emotional seeing a blind person after hearing so much about you, believe so much in you, even without seeing, even when I delivered it to him wrapped on the day he’s to deliver it, he didn’t still bother removing the wrappers to ask if the work is good. He believes so much in my works, that shows how hard I have worked and how far my name is going… I thank God for a Great 2018, and thank God for a Greater 2019.
I also wanna thank everyone for the support so far, God Bless.
This is charcoal on card (2019)
‘Every time I draw, I learn new techniques, I learn new things….
Learning to draw something in a different way to achieve the common goal of realism.

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