Bukky MacCathy

My name is Bukky MarCathy.

Where do I start from?!
I remember as a very young child, I watched one of my aunties when she crocheted (that is, every time she picked her hook I was by her side). That was how I picked up crocheting.

OK! let me mention, that I grew up at a time when art, craft, needlework classes were a part of the school curriculum, in Primary school (it was Needlework) and at Secondary level (ot was Fine art /Drawing). My works were always on display at school exhibition. But for a very long time after Secondary school, everything went passive. Not so good. Yeah?!

I studied Marketing and as a graduate in 1997, I worked as a Sales Rep in an FMCG company .
At home (after marriage), as my needs increase, I made items just for my family and as gift to friends. Then, sometimes about mid 2013 my Church invited me to take the Girls Guild on needlework. This was when I met one of the girls who took me through the basics of beading during my annual leave from work in November 2013. I further learnt so much on Pinterest, YouTube, and Google… These platforms helped me in improving/sharpening my skills. And voila, that’s how my side business started oooo.

The company where I worked downsized in June, 2018. And I simply looked inward rather than outward for a job, I saw a need/opportunity to showcase my creativity the more, there was a limit to what I could do while in paid service. In fact, I had to turn down invitations because of work schedules. Ever since, my craft has become an official appointment for me, doing what I really love.

My skills and Craft Business include jewelry making (using beads), crocheting , embroidery, etc. I also run trainings for empowerment (poverty alleviation) purposes.

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