I saw very young ‘okada riders’ and kiosk owners wildly celebrating Sai Baba’s win. And I thought ‘Isn’t this too much?’

They zoomed ‘upandan’ the streets, performing all sorts of acrobatics on their bikes and congratulating one another. I worried that some of them could get injured or die in the process. Nothing physical or spiritual warrants this kind of celebration.

Hian! I asked one of them, “Dis one wey una dey celebrate like dis, Atiku no be your broda?”

He smiled, flashing yellow teeth at me.”Atiku na my broda, but Atiku na tif.”

Wow! So, that is Atiku’s reputation even among the seemingly uneducated who we think may not follow politics.

Two lessons.

  1. Guard your reputation with everything you have got: Obasanjo’s singular statement about Atiku being a thief years ago, still plays a strong card against him though he has never been convicted of any such crime.

When you see people try to make mincemeat of your reputation address it with all you’ve got. Atiku never addressed the issue immediately when the allegation was made. Years later, people still buy that story.

  1. Learn to control your brand’s story: Your perception is your reality. Your reputation is your brand. Your consistent actions and material you put out there have built you a brand. Consciously or not. Someone may call you a politician because you are always discussing politics. While you laugh at it like a passing joke, it is a subtle feedback of your personal brand.

Own your story. Your reputation is your brand.

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