Tobiloba Arewa Adesanya

I am Tobiloba Arewa Adesanya, I bagged my Bsc. Ed in Social Studies at Tai Solarin University of Education where I also, acquired a certificate in Textile Designing. So grateful it is compulsory for every student to enrol for a Vocational Study. I’m a trained Broadcaster and I have a certificate in Project Management PMP.

I started Àdìré World at age 20 in 2016 while in 300 level, 2nd semester, and being an on-air-personality on school radio at the time. In 2017, 400 level, I finally decided to go fully into the business of adire making. My company name was registered in 2017.

My vision for Textile Designing Industry is to make Nigeria’s Textile designing industry the biggest and most attractive industry in World. Producing fabrics that can compete with international brands and standard. Fabric designs that tell stories about Africa. I desire to create a one stop shopping mall for everything you can imagine that can be achieved using fabrics; from furniture to interiors to Aso Ebi to everything you can think of. The mall will be the biggest Textile mall in Africa with different sections for everything you need. Àdìré World is also going to have the Largest Textile Designing School in Africa having branches all around the west African countries. Teaching and empowering youths about the Textile Designing.

My greatest source of encouragement is God’s Word. I read my Bible a lot to keep me going. Sometimes I get tired but the word of God has really helped me to keep pushing. He layed this dream in my heart and he will surely help me to achieve them.

I am born into a family where everyone is into one clothing business or the other. My dad owns a Dry Cleaning company. My mum travels to Cotonou to buy and resell guinea brocade and lace fabrics. My elder sister owns an online Boutique store. So basically I grew up seeing my family into different clothing business. So this influences my special interest in clothing business. Most especially, as a young child I was always paying attention to different quality of fabrics. I was inquisitive and always wanted to identify and understand the differences in quality and value of fabrics. I absolutely love it when people look good in what they wear. All these summed together influenced my interest in Textile Designing and growing Craft brand. I am inspired by things around me. It may be an object, situations of things going on or even a shade of color. Being open-minded has really helped me to stay creative. I go everywhere with my note pad, so I can just bring out my note pad and start sketching patterns.

One of the few books that inspires me Greatly is Think Big by Ben Carson and Richest Man in Babylon George S. Clason. As a young girl, I read  a lot, so open minded that I make sure to surf the internet very often, seeking answers to many questions especially those in relation to my choice of career. I can tell the difference between Japan, Malaysia, China and Thai Land Tie and dye. A knowledge I garnered through constant learning, bulk of its source from YouTube videos and well exposed friends who travel often to Thailand. I’m in proud possession of diverse textile designing tools and the have sharpened my sense of creativity greatly.

My target client is anyone who wears cloth. (lol). My key clients are people who dare to look different and be in charge of what they wear. Our company doesn’t just design we use patterns to tell a story making whoever wears our design express volumes of pieces of art. Our client base ranges from tailors, to brands who wants to make T-shirt for their workers, to event planners who need unique prints for traditional decors and souvenirs, to young people who want to learn textile designing.

Few Favourited Facts by me (fueled by my career):

  • One of the best ways Nigeria can get involved in the global craft industry is through thorough making, implementation and enforcement of required policies.
  • I think the least explored craft in Nigeria at the moment is weaving. It is an industry people don’t pay attention too.
  • Most of my resources are gotten from the Fabric market in Lagos, Kofa Mata in Kano and Abeokuta.
  • Three phrases of advice to fellow Crafters: Be bold with your Creativity, Be Innovative and Be Social Media Savvy.
  • My greatest fear is that my country should not kill my Career. Naturally, the Nigeria environment does not encourage creativity.
  • Satisfying moment is teaching people my craft. Sharing my knowledge with other people. It gives me so much Joy to have a class full of students eager and willing to learn Textile Designing.
  • Another craft I admire is photography. I love documentary photography. The way it tells stories about people and places of animate and inanimate objects.
  • I’d love to collaborate with documentary photographer to document the history of textile designing. To show the aesthetic designs rich in colors and patterns. I chose photography because Àdìré is not yet much celebrated in Nigeria and I think one of the challenge is lack of publicity. We can flaunt the beauty of Àdìré through pictures thereby taking over the media.

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