Happy Independence Day Creatives!!!

Every human gets to that point in life when he feels stuck. The things you used to do that brought you success are no longer working.

This is a signal that times have changed but your knowledge has remained stagnant. When times change, you must discern the shift and find the skills to excel in that change.

Stagnation is a messenger who tells you that you are trying to grow into your next level with the same old skills and knowledge that brought you to where you are.
You may have been out of work for a long time, and you have sent your CV to over 500 organizations without an interview invitation. Maybe you should review your tactics. This pattern that got you that first job may be the stumbling block to your next level.

People who are used to tradition often miss seasons of transformation.
Tradition works to preserve the old.
Transformation serves to usher in the new.

If you noticed that the circumstances of your life seem grounded, assess the changes around you.

If people used to troop to your place of business and stopped, what changed?

If you once were the stellar employee in every place you worked, and now nobody remembers your name, what changed?

Assess the environment and acquire the necessary competencies to match the change.

That’s how you beat stagnation.

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