Tamara Okoro of Tamzhub

My name is Tamara Okoro. I studied Fine and Applied Art, with a major in Textile Designs at Delta State University Abraka. Today I am a Craftpreneur with a specialty in textile designs and production – Batik and Tye dye to be precise. I’m the founder of Adire by TAMZHUB. 

Tamzhub is into Batik/Adire making, founded in January 2017, we’ve produced quality Batik, Adire (Tie & Dye, Adire Eleko) in various shades of colours and designs. Creating/Crafting designs gives me that “I can’t wait to see the finished product” feeling.

My vision is to contribute largely to the rekindling of the forgotten grandeur of our traditional textile patterns and to bring it into our modern day fashion industry. While at it, I also desire that Tamzhub gets to a point where I don’t need to vocally tell the stories of our rich cultural heritage, why? Because it’s known already through the widespread of the Tamhub brands. (*eyes rolling)

For a while now. within the country it had been “ANKARA everywhere I go”, and almost no story of our cultural heritage, and this got me yearning for industriously crafted textiles. This is the big catalyst that shaped my inspiration to create and put more effort into my craft especially, BATIK.

My family and friends are all supportive. My greatest encouragement is seeing people appreciate my craft, sharing constructive criticisms, giving me profitable advice, coming back for more, telling me to keep pushing, to never give up, placing more orders. Whenever my client/customer says “I LOVE IT”, it gives me joy,  it gives a push, it makes me know I’ve done better than the previous (I love creating uniqueness), these satisfy me. However I drop off the accolades as often as they come so I don’t get distracted.

It’s quite interesting to note that inspiration can be sourced anywhere everyday, it’s been so for me and I believe it should be so for everyone. If any creative fellow falls out of ideas then something is wrong somehow, I’d advise such creative to take some time off to rejuvenate and meditate and pay attention to sights and sounds around them – they will hear, see, feel the scream of ideas.

Quick Facts about me:

My Circle (Choice of Crafts): Textile, Fashion, Batik would always be my circle and choice of Business. Love for Craft, generally.

My Country: Nigeria all the way. I adore our Cultural Heritage, but I would defiantly travel round the world so the world would know what our Culture and Batik is all about and make sure they learn from and spread the love of it.

My Favourite Book: Small Business Big Money by Akin Alabi.

My Fear: So far, my fear is the mere thought of giving up if I run out of ideas. I guess I’ll manage it well; by praying and to keep pushing.


We are always open for orders and trainings too. You can Email us attamzhub@gmail.com IG @adirebytamzhub Facebook @tamzhub or call 07038639753 

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