Omolara Ojowa – Founder of Milaseto Dye Art by Ebun

My name is Omolara Ojowa, a charterd Accountant and I hold an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from “Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa” Institute of Higher Business School (IESE)

I’m a Textile designer and I specilaise in Tie Dye; Adire, and Batik. I’m the founder and creative director at Milaseto Dye Art by Ebun.

Although, I’ll still describe myself as a budding entrepreneur, with almost two years of experience now, I’m happy and anxious about the growth (myself and the business)

I’ve realised that the major skills required for my kind of chosen craft and career path include:

  • Ability to create and develop patterns/designs which are then printed on the cloth.
  • Stitching and bound techniques
  • Handling wax and being able to create patterns with it.
  • Knowledge of colours and its properties
  • Dyeing skills
  • Conceptualizing and sketching patterns are the most fun aspect of production for me, especially as I wasn’t an artistic person in my earlier years.

Most of the materials required are:

  • Fabrics
  • Dye
  • Chemicals used in the dyeing process such as, Soda / Salt / Sulphite / Citric acid etc.
  • Wax

            FACTS FLASH:

  • Milaseto was established in 2017
  • Adire Batik (available Fabrics in):
    • cotton, silk, viscose, silk chiffon and silk organza.
    • Clothing, Bags and accessories

 Contact details: 08175175488 / / IG:milaseto_dye_arts_by_ebun

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