Nengak -I’m a multi-skilled crafter in Jos Museum

My name is Nengak – The literal meaning of my name is “One God”. I love it.

I’m a Creative with several specilisations. I like to say my hands are my greatest resources for my unfolding success stories. I paint and draw. I’m a calligrapher, I make greeting cards. I’m a fabric painter cum designer.

An interesting point to all these is that in addition to attributing it all as God gifts, I discovered myself since I was brought to the consciousness of always sketching everything I see. I’m always experimenting – failing, making mistakes but always trying till two more eyes admire and/or identify a new level of creativity in it.

The first and best third party motivation I got and still get is from my dear friend Joshua Tagua. Through his push, words of encouragement, I opened my first shop in 2010 till I got a space two years at the Jos Museum, Plateau State, Nigeria

Everything on display for sale at my shop is handmade by me. This alone, is a daily dose of joy for me; creating, making and selling tangible versions of my ideas for numerous uses to complete strangers.

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