Solarspeaks – Adigun Olushola Oladeji

My name is Adigun Olushola Oladeji. I grew up loving to hear and appreciate my voice as being distinct. Not for it’s fine soft texture but for it’s incredible ability to hold an audience. I just knew this was not ordinary. It’s divine, so I set out to explore and spread the flow round the globe. My voice and mind unite with an undeniable tenacity to paint things deeper than they reveal to the eyes.

I found out quite early enough that I have been bestowed with a mind that can conceive the amazing comprehension completed with a voice that can smoothly be a convincible channel to clear unneeded doubts. Both have helped me impact lives positively, I’m very confident about the hard currency turnover of it all too

I have a Diploma in Computer Science from Lagos State Polytechnic, in Psychology from University of Lagos, Akoka. I love to introduce myself as a person, a preacher, a poet, a painter, and a parent’s pride.

You can find me on Soundcloud, YouTube and Instagram – @solaspeaks

Published by The Crafters and their Crafts

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