Oluwabukola Gbemisola Obazenu

My name is Oluwabukola Obazenu, I’m the founder of Bukky Small Beginnings, a handcraft (hair accessories) venture. I describe my kind of crafts as Fabric Craft; making flower corsages and brouches.

I’ve always been good at making things even if I’d need to look through the waste bins to pick up discarded items and transform them for use again.

I once picked up a discarded broken lamp (round wire frame) at a dump site. I washed it and stared at it everyday, for days, seeking inspiration, and I did transform it with new fabric that it got my husband asking if I bought a new lamp for the nursery. Didn’t mention, this particular dust bin run was during my first pregnancy.

I’m lawyer by training (qualified and competent) I once worked at a law firm, then, at a call center agency. Then, I quitted.

My departure was indirectly directed by a handful of very close family and friends who wanted (AND PAID) me to add colours to the interior decors of their houses and/or offices. You see, the monetary appreciation of my crafts were worth quitting those jobs for.

And then, something happened. The loss of my child. Depression set in, suicidal thoughts too. I was enveloped in strong feelings of failure. The loss of me. My confidence level became very low. I crawled into my shell and stayed there. Huge thanks to my husband and family members who showered their love, care and belief in me on me. They didn’t (and still don’t) give up on me. Even when I wasn’t as happy as everyone thought I was, the love around me simply keeps me around and up.

This online space has also played a huge role for me. Owning a tablet and constant access to data subscriptions keeps me unto sites like, Google, pinterest, youtube etc. Those were it for me!!! My head was almost exploding with fresh ideas, with so many beautiful things I can create with my hands. And because I love hair accessories, I got really hooked on that. Betty my friend became my unemployed (but super effective and inspiring) marketing manager.

In a couple of days, I transformed the BQ into my Craft room, did a few online shopping. Bukky Small Beginnings was born and the growth since then has been increasingly awesone.


My super model. Here, my daughter flaunts the very first hair accessory I made.
I’ll have this picture for keeps.

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