Crafters! Leave your Comfort zone


In every crowd you’d find and gravitate towards your kind and settle. People who look and think like you, so that you are comfortable. Your class.

Fake people find fake people, sophisticated people find sophisticated people, rough boys find rough boys, clowns find clowns, gossips find gossips. We create communities around our similarities.

Unfortunately, change happens through encounters with difference. People who are like you will only reflect your level of results.

This is why you must expose yourself to something radically different from your comfort zone to trigger change.

Similarities are your comfort zone. That is why when a person fails in life, he tends to look for other failures to validate his position. Misery loves company.

Your answer can NEVER lie in people with your results. The secret to true change in your life when life hits you is to find people who are succeeding where you are stuck and get into their minds.

Do you desire change? Then think different.

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The Crafters and their Crafts

All about Crafts:
- To explore, celebrate, promote and inspire.
-- The Crafters - Creative Doers!
-- Their Crafts - Products for sale.
- Their stories motivate us.
Craft Events - Live Experiences inspire us!
Pro-Craft/Craft Journalism.

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