Akhigbe Okhai a.k.a LeanKid

I am a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Building technology from Covenant University. Now a Fashion Illustration and my brand name is Lean Kid.

Although, I’ve been illustrating since my secondary school days, I had my first illustration job in 2010. Most of my clients are people in different fields in the fashion industry (fashion designers, style influencers, stylist, fashion magazines, bag designers etc) I also work with event planners to create bridal illustrations for weddings.

Characterising my life as an entrepreneur in word; I’d choose TASKING. However, seeing my vision/creation come to life makes me happy the most, hence my persistence in the pursuit of my passion.

What’s your vision: for self, the circle of your choice of craft business, and the country? How far are you willing to go to take your craft business?

My vision is to be a house hold name locally and globally by expressing fashion through art. For my craft it would be to see fashion illustration as a certified job like an organisation/body. It would also have more structure. For the country it would be to see more collaborations and job opportunities for illustrators.

What’s your greatest source of encouragement, inspiration/motivation? Do you have any family influence on your choice in the crafts industry?

My family and some close friends have been my biggest source of encouragement. I’m inspired by a lot of things; fashion, people, environment, etc

The need to succeed and constantly improve in my art motivates me to work harder.

What kind of exposure, training shaped you/your creativity the most. Social media? Any experience within or outside the country?

I’m a self taught illustrator but I grew up among fashionable and creative people. I also had a neighbor who worked in a fashion house (jewel by Lisa) at the  time. Living among them opened my eyes to a world of creativity. Social media has been of great help to me as most of my clients contacted me through social media.

Next to yours, what craft company/business do you admire? And perhaps would love/need to collaborate with?

Photographers and fashion stylists

What three pieces of advice would you give to students who want to become entrepreneurs as opposed to going in search of jobs, underscoring the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

You must be disciplined and focused on your craft. You must be consistent in your craft. You must work hard and constantly seek new ways to improve or innovate your art (no one will do it for you, lol)

The major difference between entrepreneurs and employees to me is risk! There’s no guarantee that youd get a certain amount of money every month but entrepreneurs are also totally free to express themselve, pursue new ideas and make their own decisions

What do you think are the least/most explored kind of crafts in Nigeria at the moment?

Textile design

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful fashion illustration entrepreneur?

You must know how to draw. You must be good in a medium of coloring. It could be traditional ( colored pencils or markers or watercolor etc ) or digital. You must be able to understand and interpret fashion

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage it?

Fear of failure. I work harder at my craft and seek meaningful opportunities that help my brand grow.

What has been your most satisfying moment in your craft business?

Having people appreciate my work

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