What does a Crafter think when setting out to work?

You receive a pair of badly made shoes and wonder, “What was he thinking?”

You appear at that event looking like the ‘wannabe’ version of what you had hoped to be and your friends ask , “What was your tailor thinking?”

Flip the coin, and people ask if your outfit was bought ready made.. and the next thing you know, you are giving out your tailor’s number.

Excellent and intentional work speaks for itself. You can get so caught up in routine, that you are no longer intentional about what you do.

Excellence requires consistency. This means that you can be trusted to deliver your best everytime you show up.

It starts from your thinking:

  1. Be intentional
  2. Be equipped
  3. Document your processes so that your best practices can be repeated.
  4. Run quality checks before you deliver.

Good thinking, good product.

Categories: Be Intentional, Creatives!

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