Olufisayomi Awowade: The DRAMATIC Voice Act

My name is Olufisayomi Awowade, a graduate of Mass Communication. I have used my voice in several ways over the years. I’ve used it as a singer, a spoken word artiste, a voice over talent, a TV and radio professional and as a broadcast coach and mentor. All of them have been financially and intrinsically profitable in their own ways.

In one word, characterise your life. DRAMATIC

What’s your vision: for self, the circle of your choice of enterprise, and the country? How far are you willing to go to take your craft? My vision is to be a reference point, an example worth emulating. Perhaps a beacon of light for anyone looking for some guidance

What’s your greatest source of encouragement, inspiration/motivation? God is! And that’s because, His creation and the beautiful plus spectacular wonders of this which I witness each day continue to astound me

Do you have any family influence on your choice in the crafts/voice act industry? Both of my parents influenced me. My father was proficient in the crafting of wood and my mother used to sew some of the most beautiful dresses I wore as a little girl. So I guess I inherited their creativity

When was your year of talent discovery? To be honest I can’t quote an exact year, but I remember that in secondary school, schoolmates from other classes used to come to my class and urge me to sing for them. I probably should have known from that time that I’d be ‘selling’ my voice in future, but I didn’t take it seriously. I was just having fun.

I can always be reached on voxvivante@gmail.com

In your opinion, what other ways can the voice be of good enterprising use aside from the common options among which are singing, radio/television, audio books, voice over? Business communication is also a great way of using the voice in a profitable way. People hire speakers based on their Voice quality as well as their knowledge base. And a lot of speakers are using this talent for profit

What kind of services do you render and who are your target audience/clients? All voice related services, including Mentoring, public speaking, Event MC-ing and training. Target audience would be as diverse as possible. I’m not too picky. Live and let live I say!

Is there any book or person that inspired (or inspires) you? My favourite Anchor growing up, was Mrs. Eugenia Abu. She was my perfect symbol of grace, charisma and professionalism. I didn’t know I would eventually meet her years later, but I did, at the Television College in Jos where she was one of the instructors during my training for television Presentation. She had the same charisma in real life. I was even more impressed by her. I still hold her in very high esteem.

Do you have your voice on any audio book(s) yet? Yes If yes, share details? Sadly I cannot at this time, because the project was done years ago, in Enugu. I think it was in 2004. It didn’t occur to me to note the name of the book and the author

What books would you really love to have your voice on? My choice would be books for children. No contest. I love reading to children. But of course, I’d also love to read any book, as long as I agree with the content of the book. 

What productions do you currently or desire to have your voice on? I’m slowly putting my Spoken-word audio anthology together. I have a title for it already, but I can’t tell you yet. Wait for it, lol!

Next to yours, whose voice act do you admire? Hmnn… That’s tough, because there are so many admirable voices to pick from. But let me shock you and say Demi Moore’s voice would always be on any list I compile. The smokeyness and silkyness of her voice is just irresistible

…And perhaps would love/need to co-present/co-voice with? If I could share a voice booth with Demi Moore I would definitely not reject the offer

Which do you think are the least/most explored kind of crafts/inherent skills in Nigeria at the moment? Cane weaving. I’ve seen amazing things done with cane in nearby countries like Ivory coast and I remember wishing we had such skilled weavers here in Nigeria

How do you give back to your voice? Health wise. I sleep any time I get the opportunity to do so, meaning I rest my voice as much as I can, I stay hydrated, I don’t scream or yell unnecessarily, I avoid sugary foods as much as I can, Sugar is not good for the voice you know? And I don’t over-indulge in dairy products

What is your greatest fear so far, and how do you manage it? I don’t indulge in fear. Fear is an acknowledgement of weak faith or a total lack of faith in the ‘Almightiness’ of God. I believe totally in God and His ability to help me with any situation so I don’t indulge fear, because I don’t trust in myself, I trust in God. I am nothing, God is everything and he never fails. So why fear?

What has been your most satisfying moment in exploring the strength in your voice and creating a business around it? I don’t have a most satisfying moment. I have little triumphs that paint a big picture of unlimited grace. I’ve been blessed to always be able to satisfy every one of my clients with my delivery and that is something I will always be grateful for. Because of that singular fact, I’ve been able to gradually build a reputation for myself in the voice over and voice service community.

Give a few words please to someone who is a potential voice act. Don’t be dull! Listen to as many voices as you can, read, learn and practice until you are really good, then practice some more. “Great voices are not born, they are crafted by diligent people who had raw material to work with“. So work every day on improving not just your voice, but your delivery.

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