Ben; The “Trash to Cash” CEO!

My name is Benjamin Tongrot, popularly known as Tom Ben. I think for some of us that didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, life has taught us how to survive from anything that our hands can touch.

Unconsciously, I’ve been building some skills since when I was a pupil till I concluded my secondary school education. After which, much more awareness on the need for self growth dawned on me and I joined a group called Creativity Unit to build my confidence on stage performance. But when I got there for the first time, l realised that there is still much more to me than being just a stage performer. There and then I explored and categorised my areas of interest as Arts and Crafts. Here is where the story began for me. l got a seasoned training in Arts and Crafts, DIYs, etc, at the School of Creativity in Jos.

For me, raw materials are mostly found in trash cans or dumpsite- things used once and often discarded. It is always my delight tell anyone who cares to know that my crafted projects mostly involve making beautiful pieces out of trash (discarded items). For instance I make wall frames from groundnut shells, pet bottles, pieces of fabric, tree beads, and I’ve trained approximately 15 people and attended numerous exhibitions where I display my skills and projects to those in attendance.
My training is based on my local environment. I have a director. So,anytime l/we want to schedule a project,we first look at the nearby churches and 2nd schools around that will be proximity to our prospects. So,confidently l will say,people in my area are the major beneficiaries of this skills training on crafts.
My aim and wish is to be able to get myself more training,connect with people with like minds or to belong to a unit as back in the days. So that,through arts and crafts we touch the world.

Here are some of my works in pictures:

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