Creatives, Embrace your uniqueness!

So many of us are in denial about ourselves, running around trying to be everybody else.

Everyone has a unique message. If you’d only embrace yours and deliver it to the earth. I admire Walt Disney because he fully embraced his creativity when it wasn’t popular. His vision? To make children happy.

Today, his work lives on, making entire families happy through quality programming; and providing jobs for thousands across the world.

Some of the things that made history were never popular, plausible or exciting to the crowd or sometimes, the very people with the idea:

Industrialists thought Henry Ford’s idea of affordable motor cars was stupid.

Harvey Ball created the Smiley and sold it for $45 to two brothers who saw it’s potential. Today they have made millions off it.

People laughed at the inventor of the toy, Beanie babies, flexible toys stuffed with beans. They stopped laughing when they earned it’s inventor a whopping $4.5 billion.

You are so uniquely made and it is okay if everyone else doesn’t understand that burning message in your heart.

Crafters and creatives, take your art seriously. Don’t underestimate its potential.

Embrace it, Express it and the world will come around when your consistent progress dismantles their disbelief.

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