Jonah Larson; The 11-year old Crochet Prodigy!

I’ve a very busy mind that’s always active and crocheting helps me to focus; conquering the discipline issues I had at school. How? When my hands are busy, I focus better.

My name is Jonah, I’m a self-taught crocheter, a fast crocheter who can crochet a hat in 54 minutes! Everyone now calls me a Crochet Prodigy and yes, I am! I am a full blown 100% crocheter. Lest I forget, I absolutely respect the Knitters.

For me, crocheting, started when I was just five years around the time my aunt had dropped off a bag of leftover craft materials at the family home. In it was where I found a hook that intrigued me and that was it! My foster parents have been quite supportive. My mum who doesn’t crochet helped out with Youtube channels that helped me learn.

I sell my crocheted items online and this has turned me into a social media star, on instagram and Youtube. I’m also an author with My first book, co-authored with my mum is titled ‘Hello Crochet Friends!’ (published July 2019). Oh! did I mention, I also love to read and I enjoy teaching too. teaching my crocheting skills of course!

Through the internet, I meet a lot of crochet tutors, fans and friends across the world. This seldom make me overwhelmed with orders, but I’m keeping up well, although with a temporary close on orders for now. I’ve so many beautiful crochet hooks and a few have got my name engraved on them. Exciting!

Here are pictures of My excited self posing with my My works:

It gives me joy that young people will carry this craft for generations to come; my mum will always say

I do not think I want to make a career out of crocheting, my mind is on Surgery because that will also help me with my hands dexterity. Ultimately, Ethiopia is on my mind so I can offer free surgical services where it is highly needed. At the moment, I donate some of my profit to the orphanage in Ethiopia where I was adopted from. I always feel a strong urge to give back.

Let’s be friends via @Jonahhands on instagram and Jonah’s Hands on Youtube. Let’s Crochet away!

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