Prof. Peju Layiwola’s INDIGO Reimagined was a huge Success!

The solo exhibition organised by Peju Layiwola was a huge success with – interesting works of arts on display. According to her, Indigo Reimagined is inspired by the art of Adire which evolved from an ancient of dyeing yarns made from hand-spun cotton usually woven into prestige cloth known as Asooke.

The exhibition which held at J. F. Ajayi Auditorium Gallery, University of Lagos opened on June 13th and had its curtain call on July 31st. It was a well attended event; students, artists, academics, lovers of arts across all walks of life were all present on different days while the exhibition lasted. Everyone had an interesting opportunity to engage with cloth from across disciplinary and practical perspectives. were definitely impressed and glad they did. The exhibition highlighted the multi-dimensionality of Adire art and other indigenous crafts like pottery, painting, foam (sponge templates), and metal work (stencils too), all associated with adire (tye and dye) interesting art pieces on display include; Orimipe (a glazed pottery with adire), amongst others.

Few interesting things taken from this laudable event is that Indigo Reimagined by Prof. Peju Layiwola stamped History in 2018 – 2019 as the most as the most captivating at the exhibition. Installed for display all through the exhibition days were over 2, 000 foam blocks bearing the same design that have featured on cloths in 30 – 40 years, are art forms on their own. The Indigo/Adire art form has transformed from being a strictly Yoruba Idiom to accommodate new ideas and meanings.

Peju Layiwola is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth Olowu; daughter of Oba Akenzua II of Benin. Obvious trace to her love for Arts and Crafts, you’ll say. Her paternal grandparent established the first cinemas in the Old Western region.

Professor Peju Layiwola graduated from University of Benin in 1988 with a BA, both MA and Ph.D in Art History at the University of Ibadan in 1991 and 2004 respectively. Good student she is; reminding us of the richness of African history, and connecting wholesome dose of it beautifully across the globe and for the future. Her career as a teacher, began in 1991 at the University of Benin, after which she joined the University of Lagos in 2002. She founded Women and Youth Art Foundation in 1994 and pioneered the production of instructional DVDs on Arts and Crafts in Nigeria.

She has received several awards both locally and internationally. Our Heartily Cheers goes to the Professor. Congratulations for a super successful outing. Thanks for the awesome inspirations!

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