KOSH – A Craft-brand founded by Akorede Shodipe

The beautiful brain behind KOSH; obviously a coinage from her names, talks about herself and her craft brand in this self-introductory special crafters’ expository feature. Akorede Sodipe, CEO KOSH Bead shares her love for crafts in bead making, aso oke designing/weaving and business experiences.

My name is Akorede Sodipe, I Studied Business Administration at Lagos State University. My Craft Brand; KOSH; @kosh_beads_asooke, established in 2015 offers services in making of fashion accessories (jewelry using bead and corals), and Asooke embellishment.

The current stage of Vision reality for KOSH is to make the brand an international appeal. And to the glory of God, KOSH has gone as far as Australia.

Life as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs but my core values; hard work, continuity and consistency keep me going for the brand as I’m passionate about making beads jewelry and creating new designs.

Greatest source of encouragement and motivation is the feedback I receive from clients when they get their orders. It drives me to do
more. The rate at which fashion is evolving day in day out with the kind of
exposure social media has both within n outside d country, seeing
different designs from other designers in d field pushes me to do more
and to get my brand known. My most satisfying moment is also when I receive accolades from my clients
after they receive their order

My key clients are women who love trendy fashion and would love to stand out
for any occasion or event. These clients are from both within and outside
the country

Next to my choice of craft, I admire wire craft and would not mind a
collaboration with @seundsbeads

At the rate the fashion industry is evolving every day, the government needs to
support and finance those in the Fashion/crafts industry. We have the market, we love to stand
out, the government simply needs to empower the youth to encourage self employment.

The most explored kind of craft is fashion in terms of clothing and
jewelry. The least explored is shoe making.

Top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur are creativity, research and conscious happiness with what one does.

My greatest fear in the line of my business is “if I run out of new designs, what
next” but the key so far is this same fear also standout because fresh ideas always come.

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